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When You Fall

I don't really know how to describe a thing why can 'fall' being so amazing. Why the thing that actually sounds hurt became the most wonderful things that again and agaian you wanna taste it in your life.
Yep, I'm talking about love.
Remember when Melly Guslaw sing 'Lets Talk About Love'? Then here it is. I will talk about it more or less. Everything about the most happening feeling in the world. Falling.

When you fell in love. For some reason you don't know what is really happen with your mind. Like something controlling you back then, becoming more and more powerful yet you wanna forget about it. When the things around you move, it's became more slower, melodic, and too much drama. It's okay. I guess that's a part of love's symptom. Which means whatever normal activity you do, it could be such crazy.

Well it's fine. Even trying to act normal is not really necessary. In the world of love, everything could be that simple, everything could be that fun, and it's normal. Need the bottom line, NORMAL.

Falling doesn't need any reason or question. First of all, it's happening. Nothing would know what it does and why is it now, or something, but it's already here! And when it do, just feel the sensation of it and try to being real. Real means you have to see whats in reality. You can push that feeling for someone who doesn't fall back for you. It would be hurt. In that case, don't try to bring that up too far. Let it pass. Hope it'll come by again some other day.

As if fall could make us that hurt, it'll be wise for us to use our brain in order to control emotion and heart from being attack. Many say if we could just fall and we don't need to think about it anymore. That's wrong. Really. How could you trust your sense without find out whats happen with your crush. Is she/he will make you happy? Or maybe she/he will only make you sad? Is she/he really is a good choice or just another pass by? Think, baby. Because it's the only way  to sanity.

Last, just be happy for it. Everything that God gives to us, is such a great gift. We have to thank Him so much. Because despite of it makes us happy or sad, we still have heart to feel. Mind to control. And family or friends to support.

So, Happy Falling! :)

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